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Barberton City Council approves $29,400 in grants for park programs

By Courtney Kerrigan correspondent

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Barberton City Council approved several park grants Monday night, including a $25,000 grant for the Lake Anna Gazebo. (Beacon Journal file photo)

Barberton City Council approved several park grants Monday night, along with appointments for the Barberton Community Foundation.

The 30-year-old Lake Anna Gazebo will undergo several repairs and improvements, funded by a $25,000 grant council passed.

A total of $4,400 in grant money will go toward three park programs: “A Day of Play,” “Senior Sip & Paint” and Recycle Barberton.

“A Day of Play” will take place at four area parks, Tuscora, Avilee Webb, Edgewood and Crisman, and will feature face painting, music, food and special activities. “Senior Sip and Paint” is an art program that gathers Barberton senior citizens together.

Recycle Barberton will use grant money to buy trash receptacles for events in town.

Council also approved the re-appointment of Michael Chisnell to the Barberton Community Foundation and the appointment of Stephen Kelleher, both for three-year terms.

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